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15VP RGB Wire Install (1 board)

15VP RGB Wire Install (1 board)

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NOTE: Add 1 of these to your cart for each board you'd like RGB wires pre-installed on.

Planning to add some color to your 15VP driver install with a secondary PCB? You're going to need some wires!

Select this (optional) service to have four color-coded (RGB+Gnd) wires pre-installed on a single 15VP board. The wire is 30AWG high-temperature, high-flexibility silicone that won't burn or shrink when you solder it.

This service is an optional convenience - you can solder these wires yourself if you choose. Be aware that the thru-hole pads are extremely small and risk of bridging is high. So if you're looking for a challenge, you've found it! And if you want to skip the micro-soldering and focus on building your light, let us take care of this portion for the price of a coffee. :)

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