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Secondary LED PCB

Secondary LED PCB

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Secondary LED's pre-installed

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Add a splash of color to your next lighting project with these flex PCB's sized for 0402 LED's! 

These wafer-thin PCB's sit beneath any reflector/optic without adding additional height that would ruin LED focus. They fit snugly around any standard 3535 power LED (such as the Nichia 219 series of emitters). 

NOTE: these PCB's do not have a spot to add current-limiting resistors. This is by design as the space around the LED's needs to remain clear for a centering ring and reflector. You will need to add resistors somewhere else in the circuit. Should you use a 15VP driver, it has resistors right on the board for simplicity.

Simply solder/reflow your favorite 0402 colors, install the PCB around your primary emitter, and enjoy!

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