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Copper and Current Designs

Leash Lantern

Leash Lantern

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Be seen during those evening dog walks with the Leash Lantern! Powered by a single AA battery, this LED lantern will catch the eye of commuters on the busiest of streets, keeping you visible and safe.

  • Simplicity of Operation
    • Tighten the tailcap for programmable regular output
    • Twist off-and-on again for extra-bright crosswalk mode with 15/30/45/60s timer
    • Runs on common 1.5V AA battery (no 3.7V li-ion)
  • Durability
    • O-ring sealed for watertightness
    • Strong, simple design with durable construction
  • Technical Ability
    • Circuit constantly measures battery and output
    • Constant-current output for zero flicker
    • User programmable firmware
    • 16 hour runtime at default brightness using Energizer Lithium AA
  • Made in Canada
    • Circuit board designed and handmade in Canada
    • Machined in Canada by small local shop
    • Assembled in Canada by hand
  • Warranty
    • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

Interested in how the Leash Lantern came to be? 

The Story of the Leash Lantern

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