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Ten years in the making, the Hinton is a AA/14500 pocket flashlight built to exacting specifications. Born from a desire for a light that didn't exist, this flashlight is the culmination of all my learnings in electronics, industrial design, and fabrication.

  • 15VP v5 user-programmable AA/14500 driver
  • Two user interfaces: ramping and discrete levels
  • Constant-current regulation through all 24 possible brightness levels (no PWM)
  • Low-voltage protection on both AA/14500
  • Thermal stepdown to prevent overheating
  • 0.5 to ~200(1.2V)/400(3.7V) lumen output using Cree XP-L2 HD emitter
  • Reverse-clicky switch with metal switch boot and tailstand capability
  • Deep-carry stainless spring-steel pocket clip
  • AR-coated UCL v3 Borofloat glass lens
  • Solid brass driver pill with solid copper Sinkpad MCPCB
  • 3.8" (96mm) long by 0.8" (20mm) diameter
  • Handmade in Canada
Should the options shown here not work for you, send me an email and I'm happy to build a light for you in exactly the configuration you desire.
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