15VP v5 Driver
15VP v5 Driver
15VP v5 Driver
15VP v5 Driver
15VP v5 Driver

15VP v5 Driver

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Bring your next LED project to life with the 15VP v5 converter! Efficient and intelligent, the 15VP driver converts 0.9 - 4.2V input into 3 volts of current-regulated output. With a focus on runtime and efficiency, this is one driver that won’t leave you in the dark.

  • Dependable and Flexible
    • 15mm diameter with 1mm ground/thermal ring on both sides
    • Solid brass battery terminal
    • Designed for mechanical switches (no e-switches)
    • Runs on any input between 0.9 - 4.2V (alkaline, NiMH, L91, CR123, 2xAA, 3.7V lithium-ion)
  • Technical Ability
    • Current-regulated output across 24 possible brightness levels. No PWM.
    • 1mA to 500mA (1.2V) / 900mA (3.7V) programmable output current
    • Continuous thermal monitoring with overheat stepdown
    • Continuous battery voltage sensing with low-voltage warning
    • Continuous current sensing with stepdown to increase runtime
    • Heavy copper ground planes to suck heat away from chips and into host
    • No reverse polarity protection. Ensure (+) contact on cell touches brass battery terminal. Tested with li-ion installed backwards for 30s with no lasting damage.
  • Intelligent Firmware
    • Two user interfaces (discrete levels + ramping)
    • Change number of outputs (1-4) and brightness of each
    • Choice of mode memory: none, classic or hybrid
    • Change all other settings (battery monitoring, stepdown, debounce) with only a couple clicks of the switch
    • See Firmware Documentation page for full details
  • No Expense Spared
    • Why is this board so expensive? Every component was selected purely based on performance, durability and efficiency with no eye towards price. These are the best chips available and they aren’t cheap.
    • At this price, I earn $5 /hr painstakingly building these
  • Made in Canada
    • Each circuit board assembled by hand in Canada

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